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Affiliate Program


Top 3 Reasons To Refer Our Product

You will earn $14.5 per sale.
But the beauty of Consumer Guard is that it is a monthly service. And as an Affiliate, you get paid every month your referrals stay with us. 

That's a 50% Commission on each sale, every month.

That means if your referral stays with Consumer Guard for 1 full year, you earn $174 - for one sale. If your referral stays with us for 3 years, you earn $522 - for one sale.

Now have a look at the long term potential of signing up new customers.  If you could sign up 100 customers and they continue to use Consumer Guard for 3 years, that would be $52,200 over the course of 3 years.  You keep earning every month your referrals pay! 


  1 Month 1 year 3 years
1 Customer  $        14.50  $        174.00  $        522.00
5 Customers  $        72.50  $        870.00  $    2,610.00
10 Customers  $     145.00  $    1,740.00  $    5,220.00
20 Customers  $     290.00  $    3,480.00  $  10,440.00
30 Customers  $     725.00  $    8,700.00  $  26,100.00
75 Customers  $  1,087.50  $  13,050.00  $  39,150.00
100 Customers  $  1,450.00  $  17,400.00  $  52,200.00

 Lets face it that's all that counts.  There are millions of websites out there looking to find an edge, and Consumer Guard provides that edge.  Perhaps even better, our customers love us.  Consumer Guard help their business, and helps to increase sales and conversions.  

Our competition sells their products and services for at least three, four, even seven times more, making Consumer Guard the most affordable way online to improve conversions for serious business owners.  Who wouldn't spend $29 to make sure they do not lose their multi-thousand dollar investment in their online business?

We use and only for payment.
ClickBank is the ONLY 3rd party - 100% completely neutral payment processing available. We do not ask you to trust us to track your sales with any other payment method that we might, or might not really pay you on. When you use you know you are getting paid 100% for EVERY sale. Period!  

***ClickBank now accepts PayPal payments directly through the clickbank order form****

So now that you know why Consumer Guard
is just the affiliate program you need


The 3 easy steps below will have you earning
tons of  $$$ in no time!!



Step 1:  Get a affiliate username and account.

We use as our affiliate program provider. They handle all the billing and check payments. All you have to do is sign up for a free account with them. This is simply an account with your name, address (where to send your checks), username and password.  Once you start making sales you can log in to your ClickBank account and see how much you have made 24 hours a day.

Sign up with your FREE clickbank account today and start earring 50% commission! CLICK HERE

Already a member? CLICK HERE

Step 2:  Get your affiliate link to refer sales.

After you get your ClickBank account and know your ClickBank username, simply use the below link to put on your website.

legacyterm is our ClickBank merchant username ...

Replace YOURCLICKBANKNAMEHERE  with your ClickBank username. Make sure to keep the rest of the link EXACTLY as you see it! 

For example- if your ClickBank username was SELLER123 - your link would look like this:

If you are new to html and need some help please email us .. we would be glad to be of any help we can.


Step 3: Promote your link to refer sales and make tons of $$$ MONEY!

Below you will find many ways to promote your link.

1. Text Links - Place a small piece of html code on your web site.

2. Banners - Place a banner on your web site. 

3. Search Engine PPC (Pay-Per-Click) - Click here for more information

Text Links

Here are some text links you can use. Simply copy and paste the html code under any of the numbers below to a text editor (like notepad), replace the YOURCLICKBANKNAMEHERE with your clickbank username and paste directly into the html of your web page. 

Improve Sales and Conversions easily and quickly

<a href="">
Improve Sales and Conversions easily and quickly</a>

Before you spend $10,000 in Pay Per Click advertising, invest a few buck in this $29 sales enhancement.

<a href="">
Before you spend $10,000 in Pay Per Click advertising, invest a few buck in this $29 sales enhancement.</a>

Learn about Consumer Guard. Click here!

<a href="">
Learn about Consumer Guard. Click here! </a>

Web Site Banners

These banners are copyright of Consumer Guard and can not be used for anything but the promotion of our products and Services. 

Here's how to post the banners on your site. Place mouse pointer over the banner you wish to save. Right click on top of banner. Choose "save picture as" - choose which folder on your computer you wish to save it it. Click "save". Go to your web editor. Add image to your web page and link it to your hop link - - REPLACE YOURCLICKBANKNAMEHERE WITH YOUR OWN CLICKBANK USERNAME. Then, upload banner and web page to your web hosting account.


300 X 150


125 X 125


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